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KPCC: Exploring the intersection of mental health and creative expression

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In a nondescript hotel ballroom on Thursday, about two dozen women — some artists, some therapists, some educators — worked together to build human-sized sculptures out of packing tape. The participants went through drama therapy exercises to identify meaningful physical poses. Next, they worked in groups to mold sticky-side-up tape to various parts of their […]

[Image of hand and forearm with a wrist monitoring device.]

Wearable Motion Detector: Wrist Device Helps Patients & Doctors Track Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

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One of the biggest challenges neurologists face when managing patients with Parkinson’s disease is making treatment decisions based on relatively brief patient interactions and subjective patient reports about their symptoms. A new wearable device developed by neurologists in Australia has the potential to inject some objectivity into those treatment decisions. Michele Tagliati, director of the […]

HuffPo: Are You at Risk for Alzheimer’s?

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No one knows for sure whether they will develop Alzheimer’s disease or not, but certain factors may increase your risk. A new study has identified nine potentially modifiable risk factors that may contribute to more than 75 percent of all Alzheimer’s cases worldwide. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an incurable and progressive disease that destroys memory […]

CNN: New Saliva Test May Catch Alzheimer’s Disease Early

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A test detecting Alzheimer’s disease early may become easily available thanks to one plentiful bodily substance: saliva, a recently released study shows. The saliva test was presented at the 2015 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Washington this week. Though research is still in its infancy, the saliva test represents the exciting future of diagnostic tools in […]

Next Avenue: Why You Get Migraines & What To Do About Them

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These headaches can be debilitating, but many treatments offer relief. If you’ve ever experienced the throbbing pain of a migraine, you know how difficult it can be to carry on with your normal routine — especially if you’re one of the 14 million people who experience chronic daily headaches. More than 90 percent of sufferers […]

CNN: Is Alzheimer’s Disease Preventable?

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There is no test doctors can use to conclusively determine whether someone will get Alzheimer’s disease. “If you are in your 20s or 30s and want to know if you will get the disease, we don’t have information to determine that now,” said Heather Snyder, director of medical and scientific operations at the Alzheimer’s Association. One […]

Brain Blogger: Genetic Basis to ALS—Interview with Robert Baloh of Cedars-Sinai

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Robert Baloh, MD, PhD on Brain Blogger: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder with no real disease-modifying therapy. Only until recently did we attribute a small portion of individuals with ALS with a genetic basis. Research from Robert Baloh, MD, PhD, Director of Neuromuscular Medicine at Cedars-Sinai, and colleagues at Washington University […]

Brain Blogger: Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease—Interview with Dean Sherzi of Cedars-Sinai

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Dean Sherzi, MD on BrainBlogger.com: Numerous studies show promise in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in animal models, but invariably fail in humans. However, time after time, lifestyle changes have been shown to alter the course of illness in large population studies. My interview with Dean Sherzai, MD, PhD, director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention […]

[image: an illuminated medical vial of glowing white liquid, labeled Blaze Bioscience BLZ-100.]

NPR: Doctors Test Tumor Paint on People

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STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: A few years ago, NPR’s Joe Palca first introduced us to a group of medical researchers in Seattle. They were working on what is called tumor paint—glowing paint. A glowing tumor would be easier for surgeons to see and remove. Researchers were trying to modify scorpion venom so that it would stick […]

Bottom Line Health: What You Don’t Know About Preventing Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s disease is hands-down one of the most feared diseases. But simply worrying that you’ll develop the illness doesn’t do any good. A far better approach is to take action—now! What’s new: Around the country, respected medical centers and hospitals are now creating Alzheimer’s prevention programs staffed by neurologists and researchers who help people do […]

Dr. Michael Alexander

Voice of America: New Technology Raises Odds for Surviving Aneurysm

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Each year, half a million people die from aneurysms, blood vessel ruptures in the brain. For survivors, disabilities are often severe – from blindness and trouble speaking, to loss of balance and memory problems. But new technologies are increasing survival rates and reducing disabilities. Shelley Schlender introduces us to one survivor who, because she is […]

Dr. Black on FabOver50.com

FabOver50.com: Dr. Black Discusses Alzheimer’s Disease Research

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Are your little memory lapses really as innocuous as your doctor claims?

Let’s say you’re 55 and learned today that you’d definitely live to be at least 85. That would be pretty good news, right? But what if you learned, at the same time, that you’d positively be in the 47 percent of the population over 85 that gets Alzheimer’s disease. Not such good news, you say.

Dr. Keith Black discusses early Alzheimer's detection

KCET: SoCal Connected | Early Alzheimer’s Testing

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What if a compound from a common spice could help detect Alzheimer’s in patients? A team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is developing a test that could make early detection possible, and a first step for the patient would be taking pills derived from curcumin, which is found in turmeric, an ingredient often used in Indian curries.

USA TODAY MAGAZINE: Rethinking the Stroke Factor

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It is time to stop thinking of stroke as a disease only of the elderly. A study found that people in the 20 to 54 age range accounted for 18.6% of first strokes in a recent 12-month period—a 5.7% rise in little more than a decade—and average age at stroke occurrence dropped from 71 to 69. […]

USA TODAY MAGAZINE: On the Cusp of a Cure

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We can beat Alzheimer’s crushing burdens on families and society—and help may be here soon. I have devoted my professional life to finding treatments—and, I hope, someday cures—for malignant brain tumors, because I always have thought nothing could be worse than a diagnosis of brain cancer. The brain and its thought- and emotion-processing centers give us […]